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Verletta's style, flow and voice are colourful yet simple, soulful and yet fun and edgy. Stay locked for her debut project 

"V for Verletta" to be released in Summer 16'. Her risqué wordplay paints a enticing picture for the listener as her daring and empowered sensuality oozes through the speakers. Not only is her Recording Artistry captivating  and but her penmenship with her lyrics are tight too!! 

Her first and only single Released to date, "Splash"  is reminiscent of the fun hip hop era of the 90's and early 2000's - but with a new age dance twist. Growing up, powerful and playful females icons like Missy Elliot and Erykah Badu impacted her artistry. She has been a writing music and poetry since 10 years old but  it was age 15, Verletta began performing hip-hop and neo-soul. However, in more recent years she has become dedicated to discovering who she is as an artist and experimenting production sounds.

 Her preceding tracks "Goin Thru it" and "Same Thang" are off her upcoming long awaited mixtape.  

Both songs have videos to paint the picture of what to expect from Verletta as both have been on several blogs including 50 Cent's - www.Thisis50.com.

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